Sports and Technology
by Stephen | Feb 24, 2018

This all started as a small project of mine where I found that one of the basketball leagues I participated in was tracking scores using paper and pencil. While observing several other tournaments and leagues, paper and pencil seemed quite consistent, the scorekeeper would track the basics like points, but not much more. The process was very cumbersome and this data was difficult to share, so it was then that I decided to create an iPhone app that could easily track statistics and provide this information and analysis in real-time for others to see.

As I started observing more and more leagues, I also found that the scoreboards used were fairly primitive and outdated, basically it was either a paper flip chart of digits or one of those monochrome scoreboards with static text like "Home" and "Visitor". At this point it dawned on me that there are many places where technology could dramatically improve how sports are experienced at every level. Of course professional leagues like the NBA and collegiate level have embraced and used quite a bit of sophisticated technology, but we're still only on the brink of these changes. As traditional industries such as taxis, groceries, banking, etc get disrupted, the sports industry is ripe for disruption.

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